Territory Playground

Customers gain a competitive edge with territory insights and stay ahead of the competition by using our platform to access insights about their physical stores and catchment areas. From foot traffic patterns to customer demographics.

Store Simulator

Customers can evaluate the impact of various business decisions such as relocating, closing or adding a line of business on a store location. It helps them make informed decisions, optimize performance, reduce risk, and save time and resources.

Expansion Manager

Create opportunities map based on scoring of various data sources, such as demographics, competition, reviews, and traffic. This helps customers strategically expand their operations by identifying optimal areas for opening new stores and available commercial properties.

Property Evaluator

Precise revenue prediction. Customers understand how their new locations affect each other and how much sales are lost due to cannibalization. By analyzing this impact and also the competition, customers can adjust their strategies and optimize their operations to maximize profitability.

Territory Acelerator

By using sales forecasting and geospatial analysis, customers can gain insights into their existing stores, segment their customers, and analyze their demographic profiles, competition, and geographic environment.

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