To achieve growth, companies with physical assets typically adhere to a multi-step process aimed at outperforming their competitors. This process often involves engaging consulting firms for strategic guidance, leveraging internal data for predictive analysis, and tapping into external sources and tools for data enrichment. However, when it comes to sales execution, this conventional approach proves to be slow, costly, and disjointed. 

Propin consolidates market research, internal & contextual data and sales processes in one solution.  

AI applied to your business

Expand your sales channel with leads that have maximum revenue potential.

Discover where to expand when your team has covered all known
hot spots.

Understand, both potential of sales & demand in any location and the retail landscape to make confident and calculated decisions.

Our Secret Sauce

Satellite Images

Map with Precision

We have an acute understanding of where your business operates. With pinpoint accuracy down to 0.0001 meters, we ensure that your prospects, stores, and areas of influence are meticulously represented. This precision serves as the foundational step towards acquiring greater market share.

Mobile Devices

Get Demand Trends

Leveraging data from 100 million geolocated mobile devices in LATAM, we gain invaluable insights into the anonymous behavior of demand, eliminating the need for costly market research studies. By harnessing real demand data, you can fuel your growth strategies with unparalleled accuracy and agility.

AI Models

Predict & Grow

At the heart of our approach lies a dedication to your businesses’ goals. By integrating diverse data sources and crafting bespoke AI models, we empower you to decipher market behaviour, forecast demand, and receive targeted recommendations for lead generation and expansion opportunities. 

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